10 Yung Pueblo Quotes to Inspire Your Healing Journey

Martin O'Toole
3 min readFeb 2, 2020

The author of Inward has touched my heart

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A year sober, I left my home country, friends and family, to start a new life in Bali; a tiny yet renowned geographical centre of healing.

There are many things this beautiful tropical island offers to the broken — all of which my decrepit spirit devoured with the drive of an oxygen-starved flame.

Having spent the best part of a year in solitude, I occupied the no man’s land between blissful solace and a methodical war with my ego.

During this time, I’ve been in full-on learning mode — heart and mind wide open to myriad possibilities I’d previously ignored or shunned. The most forthright and excitable learning I’ve done in 44 years of living the ‘Martin story’. I’ve voraciously read works of philosophy, theology, spirituality, and psychology — surprised to be enjoying every minute of it.

“I was never addicted to one thing. I was addicted to filling a void within myself with things other than my own love.”

— Yung Pueblo

Everyone’s healing journey takes a different pace and direction, and we all find inspiration in our own way. Amongst my many new discoveries, one contemporary author stood out for me like a lighthouse in a tempest. I’m sharing some of his wisdom with you in the hope that his words might also resonate.

If you haven’t yet discovered Yung Pueblo, his words are like the love child of Eckhart Tolle and Mother Teresa, with Shakespeare playing an active role as godfather. Or at least that’s my take… Here are 10 of my favourite prose from the man himself.

  1. To be so broken to have fallen so deeply; that the only thing you can do is rise into a new you (phoenix).
  2. True power is living the realisation that you are your own healer, hero, and leader.
  3. The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely.
  4. Ego sees problems; consciousness sees solutions.
  5. It did not happen overnight and it was not given to me by another. I am the maker of the happiness and love growing within me.
  6. Wholeness is when lies no longer stand between you and yourself.
  7. Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting; it means we stop carrying the energy of the past into the present.
  8. Progress is when we forgive ourselves for taking so long to treat our bodies like a home.
  9. I started speaking my truth when being free became more important than guarding the fear of my ego.
  10. Every time I meet more of myself, I can know and love more of you.

Such observations, so simply yet beautifully laid bare are a gift to us all in this Samsaric theatre we enjoy, suffer, and loathe, in equal measure.

Perhaps indulge me and watch a video of me reading my own book, How To Die Happy: curated wisdom, stories, and practical utilities, for the art of living.

Martin O'Toole

How To Die Happy author, podcaster, and mental health advocate writing about healing and the Anatomy of Happy.