Far from being a guru, coach, or PhD, I'm just a man on the mend, a recovered high-functioning alcoholic adman with a tempestuous past life of spilt milk under burnt bridges. Having been talked out of suicide by my Beagle, this rock-bottom moment launched a phenomenal journey of self-healing and personal transformation for me.

Through some intense experiences with depression and the pointless pursuance of success, I stumbled upon the alchemy of everlasting happiness — what I call “The Anatomy of Happy”.

Understanding the depths of depression and contrasting heights of delight, compelled to share my story, I started the How To Die Happy podcast. I've just published a new psycho-spiritual self-help book by the same name.

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Martin O'Toole

Martin O'Toole

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Psychedelic integration coach and counsellor, How To Die Happy author, podcaster, and mental health advocate writing about healing and the Anatomy of Happy.